Does an Advertising Jingle Creator or Generator Exist?

Jingles sell products, right? And they get into your customer’s heads so that they always remember your name, no? And you can do pretty much anything via a Google search nowadays. So, having a sophisticated computer system whip up an ultra cool jingle that will sound good enough to plug right into your expensive radio […]

Radio Spot Production

Radio Spot Production – Great Sounding Radio Advertising Every Time Did you ever listen to a whole set of radio commercials and think that they roughly sound the same as each other? This is the case because companies tend to simply let the station produce their ads. Of course, doing this makes sense because station-produced […]

Discount or Cheap Jingles

September 01 2015 No comment

Five Questions to Ask Before Your Discount or Cheap Jingle Purchase: So you have a business and you’re interested in running some radio or television ads with a catchy cheap or discount jingle. This is a fantastic idea, because as you probably already know, jingles stay in people’s minds much longer than non-musical ads. But […]

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